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What a wonderful Day at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Although I grew up in London, and lived not to far away, I had never visited before. It was an abundance of colour and beauty. From beautiful flowers and incredible displays ranging from inspiring garden ideas, a window box to a small patch of earth or vast piece of land. Some of the displays were so creative, and there was a lot of ingenious Eco inspired themes and stalls, which I found really interesting, as I have a huge passion for conservation. I would recommend everyone visit at least once.

It was also an Honour to meet some of our Chelsea Pensioners. These wonderful men, were so charming, engaging and funny. Telling me story’s of there life, at times I had tears in my eyes, we can learn so much from our elders, especially our war hero’s. The history and stories a lot of these men went through, is just incredible and there bravery shows no bounds. We should all stop and Listen to our elder generations sometimes, it is an education for us all.

But most of all we laughed so much, as you can see from the photos of the day. We laughed, hugged and I did not want to leave, and luckily I was invited back to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, for an official tour. I honestly can’t wait to go back to visit Peter, Ivan, Patrick, and Tony, to name a few, and all the other wonderful gentlemen who I know will have incredible stories for me to listen to.

Patrick (Chelsea Pensioner) founded the Chelsea Pensioner Roses. Patrick says he likes the rose not only for its beauty, but for the good it will do for the Royal Hospital. And the red blooms remind him of the day he first fell in love with roses as a seven-year-old boy:

“During the war, I was in a children’s home. And we had a gardener called Mr Seymour. He used to hold my hand and take me around all the roses. He said, ‘When you grow up son, you’ll be able to grow roses like this. And I love growing them now. Red roses take me right back to when I met Mr Seymour.  I’ve liked roses ever since that day. When you see a rose fully out, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.”

I also met some of our working soldiers. These young men are devoting their life to our King and country and I was so proud to get to know them. We are all so proud of you.

It was a day I will cherish forever.
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