About Miss England 2024

Milla Magee is Miss England 2024, from Newquay, Cornwall.

Milla is a qualified beach lifeguard, sponsored surfer, lifestyle model, and founder of a project called Go Far Woth CPR. It is this knowledge of water safety and first aid training, that has spear headed her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project #GOFARWITHCPR.

Milla is passionate about getting basic lifesaving and CPR training into schools across the country, and is hoping to be able along with the St John’s Ambulance go into schools and demonstrate this basic lifesaving skill.

Milla wants to equip our future generations with the skills to save a life. #GOFARWITHCPR was born from personal experience, as Milla lost both her grandfathers to heart attacks at home, with ambulance response times on average taking longer than 20 minutes to arrive, the difference between life and death is a member of the public performing basic CPR or First aid, the government has acknowledged the importance of resuscitation by providing defibrillators up and down the country in key places, should a member of the public collapse.







Milla’s mission on the build up to the 72nd Miss World is to demonstrate the importance of this skill.

Milla has also made history when she was crowned Miss England in May 2024.

She hopes to use the platform she now has to promote healthy body consciousness, she is 6ft tall and the first Plus size Miss England, due to her athletic figure and height.

Milla had learnt before applying that Miss England is about empowering young women, giving them purpose and encouraging them to be the best versions of themselves, and she entered the competition to raise awareness and use the platform for good.

Milla is also passionate about spearheading change in society, discussing body conscious issues and helping young girls and women to feel comfortable in there own skin and not to feel pressured to conform or fit in, tall, small, curvy or straight, we are all beautiful and should be accepted for who we are.

Always the tallest child at school growing up, she was picked on for not looking the same and fitting in, Milla wants others to know and accept that one size does not fit all, winning Miss England is proof of that, she hopes to diminish stereotypes and bring about change at home and internationally, around the world.

For the next year Milla is excited to be an ambassador for her country England, to promote and encourage people to get involved in her project #GOFARWITHCPR in the build up to the 72nd Miss World.

Winning Miss England is the biggest honour of my life. I truly believe in the competition and everything it stands for to inspire young girls and women to be better versions of themselves.

Miss England teaches the contestants to represent their communities as part of the process.

I have learnt so much along my Miss England journey already, without it I would never have been able to start my Beauty with a Purpose project GOFARWITHCPR.

Milla MageeMiss England 2024